Jay Surridge is a Partner/Development Director in Kelowna for Yeti Farm Creative, overlooking the development of creative content and production services creative needs. He has developed projects with clients such as Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, Disney and Spinmaster, and has continued as a hands-on director for series and commercial content for over 200 episodes. Most recently, Jay directed on Season 1 and 2 of PBS’s READY JET GO, Season 1 of YTV’s Shezow and Season 2 of Hasbro’s RESCUEBOTS. In these multi-country productions, Jay acted as a creative lead and has been integral in solving production pipeline issues in international 2d/flash/3d work flows.

Jay started as an animator and storyboard artist on Cartoon Networks’ Ed,Edd and Eddy. He moved on to open Pork and Beans Productions Inc. in 1999, and quickly established the company as a leader in Flash, and as a viable production means for television and online media. Providing animation services for one of Canada’s first Flash productions, “Yakkity Yak”, and numerous cartridge-based games for Leapfrog Entertainment, P&B helped create a fresh upsurge of animation in BC using the Flash animation pipeline.

Looking to focus more on the creative side of production again, Jay joined the Kickstart/Eh-okay team in 2007, helping in the setup of their Canadian expansion in Vancouver by heading up development on their animated properties. After a decade of focusing on international productions, Jay joined Yeti Farm, and is actively looking for international development/service partners.


Partner and Director of Development