MIFF Premiere Fund

A former Australian reporter for international publication Variety, Mark Woods is the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) Industry Director. In this role he manages the film co-financing event 37ºSouth Market and emerging director workshop Accelerator, as well as serving as Executive Producer of MIFF Premiere Fund (whose 50+ projects include feature documentaries PUTUPARRI & THE RAINMAKERS, THE FAMILY, ELECTRIC BOOGALOO, AIM HIGH IN CREATION, MACHETE MAIDENS UNLEASHED, MOTHER OF ROCK, NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD, CELEBRITY: DOMINICK DUNNE, BASTARDY and ROCK N ROLL NERD, plus narrative feature films BALIBO, BRAN NUE DAE, BLESSED, LOVED ONES, PAPER PLANES, THESE FINAL HOURS and THE TURNING).


Mark will be co-hosting a Roundtable with Eddie Coupe at this year’s SCREEN FOREVER Conference.

Ready, Steady, Pitch!

Mark and Eddie are seeking the following pitches:

Films that fit the Premiere Fund branding of “Stories that need telling”.

Feature-length narrative drama intended for theatrical release; examples include: BALIBO, BLESSED, BRAN NUE DAE, DOWNRIVER, JUNGLE, PAPER PLANES, PATRICK, THE TURNING, THESE FINAL HOURS.

Feature-length documentary intended for theatrical release; examples include: BASTARDY, ELLA,THE FAMILY, MOTHER OF ROCK, NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD, PUTUPARRI & THE RAINMAKERS, THE SONG KEEPERS, WESTWIND

Special interest in content that is Indigenous-themed

Special interest in films from Accelerator Lab alumni

The more connections to Victoria that the proposal has the better, but at a minimum projects must include a Victorian-based producer and the Victorian spend for project is required to be greater than the amount sought from the Premiere Fund.


Anything under 80 minutes duration
Anything without some connection to Victoria
Anything without Victorian spend


Executive Producer