XYZ Films

After a decade-long career as a journalist, Simon de Bruyn joined XYZ Films in 2011 as an acquisitions executive focused on Australia and New Zealand. His role has since expanded into development and Simon also handles acquisitions for XYZ’s joint production & financing venture with NZ-based production company General Film Corporation.


Simon will be hosting a Roundtable at this year’s SCREEN FOREVER Conference.

Ready, Steady, Pitch!

A brief breakdown on what Simon is looking for in pitches:

XYZ is a genre specialist drawn largely to director-driven, elevated genre content that aims to appeal to A-list genre and prestige film festivals, major distributors, broadcasters and streaming companies. and smart, savvy genre audiences.

The company is moving into TV sales and production in a highly-selective manner, and any pitches in this area should be based on a successful existing work — book, graphic novel, film, series — or be driven by a strong filmmaking team with multiple proven successes.

XYZ is not interested in non-genre content such as family and children’s films & TV, young adult, romance, arthouse, etc. and we also do not read unsolicited work.


Acquisitions Executive