The Mischief Sisters was formed to exploit the creative talents of media heavyweights, Marion Farrelly and Alison Black.

Between them, they have show run some of the biggest TV brands in the world in three territories – the USA, UK and Australia. Marion ‘Maz’ Farrelly and Alison Black are TV chalk and cheese.

In the smart chalk corner, Alison Black – you know those blue chip documentaries you watch that change Government policy, start national conversations and help shape society? Alison makes those.

In the broad appeal cheese corner, Maz Farrelly – you know those ratings juggernauts you can’t seem to avoid watching, even though you don’t want to? Maz makes those guilty pleasures.

Between them, they have most genres covered. They’re called The Mischief Sisters because they like to approach everything they do with a creative sense of mischief, turning ideas on their heads and delivering surprising and innovative results every time.

Both former BBC Executives and Development Specialists, Maz and Alison met on The Farmer Wants A Wife, not romantically, sis years ago and have been collaborating creatively ever since.


Marion and Alison will be hosting a Roundtable together at this year’s SCREEN FOREVER Conference.

Ready, Steady, Pitch

A breakdown on what Marion and Alison are expecting to receive in pitches:

When you are pitching in our world you are essentially saying this – ‘I want you to give me at least a million dollars and put your job on the line’ – when you realise this is what you’re actually asking for you also realise this – your pitch has to do some very very heavy lifting. It must contain…

1. A CATCHY HEADLINE – when I have a kazillion other things to do, you have to make me WANT to pick your pitch up and read it

2. A VISUAL that grabs me and tells the story of your pitch

3. YOUR ONE LINER – you have to be able to explain what the show is in one line. People constantly say they can’t but here’s the thing – you just HAVE to.

Points 1 & 2 are your click bait – in this competitive market, your headline and your visual have to make me want to make the effort to read your pitch – it’s not their duty to read your pitch, it’s your job to entice them to read

3. SYNOPSIS – YOUR IDEA IN A NUTSHELL – this is one paragraph or our eyes will start to bleed – grab my attention and keep it – it’s OK to start with a provocative question or a killer fact, this grabs my attention and now you have it, tell me the following – what it is – genre – how many episodes – duration – why it has to be made / exist – why now – why it is different – what the USP (Unique Selling Point) – why should it be made by you – where it will sit – when – who will watch it and why and know this, HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY –

4. YOUR CONTACT DETAILS – Obvious, but we’ve seen great ideas with no idea who’s pitched them.


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