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A marriage made in Heaven or… Hell…

“We now inhabit a world where the notion of  what entertains us and what entertainment “is” is constantly shifting and evolving from blockbuster movies to fleeting memes, binge box set viewing and sporting events and multiplayer gaming. However, amid this rapid expansion its easy to lose sight of the true power of entertainment and the critical role that plays in people’s lives.” Don Hodge FRUKT

For TV, the cornerstone of story and entertainment – we ask where do brands sit in this new landscape? How far is to far for brands in story and what is the future of brand integration in Australia, on TV and all platforms? What role will brands play on our screens – especially mobile in the future? What right do brands have to tell stories and what is the best way for brands to work with content creators to ensure they are ENTERTAINING not BORING audiences. The Good, The Bad and the Cheesy, with views and advice from some of the best in the country.


Lisa Squillace – Director of Program Partnerships, Seven Network
Sarah Keith – Head of Trading, Publicis Media
Josh Butt – Head of Program Formats and Development, The Story Lab


Zara Curtis – GM Digital and Branded Entertainment, FremantleMedia Australia