Katie has been running business affairs / legal departments of independent production companies for more than a decade, including The Wiggles, Flying Bark Productions, and currently as the Head of Business Affairs and Strategy for the CJZ Group. She has worked across all genres of film & TV and financed and negotiated the gamut of deals including US studio production deals; tri-party coproduction agreements; master licensing agreements; licence agreements for every territory in the world; format licence agreements and talent development agreements. Katie is deeply committed to supporting original content from early development, through production and the extensive life of distribution both locally and internationally. An award winning short film producer in her former life, she appreciates the nuance of the creative process, whilst simultaneously understanding and valuing ‘the business of business’.


Head of Business Affairs & Strategy

War of Independents – fighting to preserve independent voices in a globalised landscape

Meeting Room 11, Level 1

With splintered markets, smaller budgets and ‘disrupted’ business models, ‘indies’ are more vulnerable than ever.  This session will discuss strategies for self-reliance and collaboration, erosion of rights, contract negotiations and cutting the red-tape and how to support independent producers to flourish  and not disappear. Speakers: Nicholas Cole – Legal Practitioner Director, Cole Media & Entertainment Law […]