Nash Edgerton is a true multi-hyphenate. After getting his break at 18 years old as a stunt performer, he has gone on to establish himself as an actor, stunt performer, editor, producer, writer and director of indisputable talent.

LOADED in 1996 marked both Edgerton’s short film directorial debut and the beginnings of the film collective BLUE-TONGUE FILMS, together with his brother Joel and friends Tony Lynch and Kieran Darcy-Smith. One year later, their next collaboration DEADLINE, took out the top prize at Tropfest and went straight to the Sundance Film Festival. Edgerton has since directed nine multi-award winning short films including LUCKY, SPIDER and BEAR (which premiered in competition at the prestigious Cannes International Film Festival) that have wowed audiences and entered cult status worldwide, amassing more than 65 awards among them.

With well over 180 film and television credits on productions including Hollywood films THE MATRIX TRILOGY, STAR WARS II and III, THE THIN RED LINE and THE GREAT GATSBY, Edgerton has continued to challenge himself with a variety of eclectic projects both in front of and behind the camera.



A Reality Check on the USA and The Age of Trump

Meeting Room 11, Level 1

This Panel is for any Writer/Director/Producer with an eye on the USA and beyond…  From ensuring you secure the right visa/s, to pitching or producing your next project, and what is the reality of setting up your own Production office. The landscape of Hollywood and the entire industry is changing, so what’s next? Speakers: Andrea Szew – […]