Jennifer is Founder and Creative Technologist at The Project Factory (Way to Blue), a producer of creative multiplatform /transmedia projects across web, mobile, social media, games and virtual worlds.

Jennifer is passionate about engaging with audience across multiple devices, linking story and play to create both more meaningful experiences as well as better outcomes. Jennifer has worked on projects as varied as teaching doctors better communication skills, helping people become non-smokers, reducing the recovery time from a knee replacement, linking people in life limiting situations with their community to reduce social isolation, helping people understand if their drug use really is a problem, building a scary interactive online drama and creating tools to capture disappearing indigenous languages.

She has worked on projects as diverse as Sherlock: The Network, the official game for the hit BBC series; Quit Now: My QuitBuddy, an extremely successful and effective quit smoking app developed for the Australian Department of Health; Ringbalin River Stories, an SXSW nominated app bringing indigenous stories to life; Breaking Bad News, an AI-based project teaching doctors how to be better communicators; and Zumbo’s Just Desserts for Channel 7.

In 2013, Jennifer was awarded ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Digital Industry’ by the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association. She presented a TEDx talk on Curiosity; and continues to be inspired by (and curious about) the human-centred ways that story seems to underpin how we process the world.

Jennifer spends her time between Sydney & London.


Founder and Creative Technologist

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