Penelope Thomas is Project Manager of Applied Industry Research at AFTRS. She has managed a number of research projects for the School starting with VR Noir, which premiered at VIVID Ideas 2016. Current projects include: Biometrics on Audience Engagement; Creative Augmented Reality; the AFTRS/CSIRO Data61 Media Index; industry-partnered software development; and Precipice: a binaural narrative podcast project in collaboration with Sydney Philharmonia Choirs, WNYC (New York Public Radio) and BBC’s Audio Science Research Unit, which premiered at Vivid 2017.

Penelope’s interest is in bringing together inclusive collaborative teams drawn from local, national and international expressions of interest to explore technology for communication and art. Penelope has a BA in English Literature and Theatre Studies, a Graduate Diploma in Education, a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics and she is completing her MA (Research) at The University of Sydney. Penelope has studied Leading and Managing Research at the University of Melbourne and is currently presenting her Approach to achieving collaborative innovation across the arts and sciences.


Project Manager of Applied Industry Research

The Future is Already Here: It’s Just Rendered Differently

Conference Halls 1 & 2, Level 2

Futurist Mark Pesce has described the times we are in as “the last days of reality”. Well beyond virtual or augmented reality, technology has now truly entered the realm of storytelling, character creation and experiences. Mike Seymour uses advanced technology to create computer generated humans, virtually indistinguishable from filmed reality; while Scott O’Brien seeks to […]


Reading the Audience’s Mind: The Art and Science of Biometrics

Meeting Rooms 12 & 13, Level 1

Biometrics is a technology that enables us to measure physiological and emotional responses to stimuli in real time. Panellists Neil Peplow, Penelope Thomas and Tom Lobban will discuss the benefits and impact this revolutionary technology will have on screen business, with a focus on methodologies best practice, several pilot studies and accompanying visuals. Speakers: Neil Peplow – CEO, […]